Job Description:

  • Design/maintain/develop the ETL process to complete data migration and manage sources connected with the data warehouse system.
  • Develop procedures & scripts to optimize the ETL process to ensure flawless operations.
  • Work closely with BI team, analysis team, and functional departments to Design, structure & develop suitable datasets for reports.
  • Update dataset structure following business’ changing needs and requirements.
  • Create documentation for definitions and data structure.
  • Work closely with clients in identifying their data needs and delivering the best methodologies to address the real-time problems.
  • Other tasks as an assignment.

What we expected from candidate:

  • At least 1 YoE
  • Experience with cloud services, especially Azure Cloud (Azure Synapse, Azure Function)
  • Proficiency in SQL and Python (Data Manipulation)
  • Able to communicate in English
  • Experience with Spark, Airbyte, Airflow, and ClickHouse is a plus

Pay range:

  • Onsite in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) – $1000 to $1400
  • Hybrid in HCMC in Eastern Time zone (from 9PM to 4AM) – $2000 to $2500

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